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One day you come back home after a hard-working day, take off your shoes and outwear, go to the empty kitchen and pour a glass of wine. There is no food at home and your fridge is completely empty because you forgot to buy at least something. You stand in front of the mirror and raise your glass because you need someone to drink with. You look into the eyes and tell yourself, “It's time to stop being alone. I need someone. I want a Russian girlfriend.”

You have heard many stories from your acquaintances about the happy relationships with the beauties and so many advantages of dating a Russian girlfriend, so you decide at least to try your luck. There are so many statements, proving uniqueness of any Russian girlfriend that make you start searching for them right now on the Internet.

Russian girlfriend

Why Russian girlfriends are the best and how to pick them up

Despite all the clichés, a big part of men is looking for love, tenderness, support, home comfort, and understanding. Only some of them want to find a one-night stand without any continuation of the relationship in the future. And when men start reflecting about family creation or at least about a permanent partner, they look in the direction of Russian girls. All the searching starts with a request, “How to find a Russian girlfriend” and transforms into “How to pick up a Russian girl” over time.

Russian girls stand out in a crowd, first of all, thanks to their natural amazing beauty and feminine outfits that include wearing dresses, small seductive heels and attractive slight makeup. These women are intelligent enough to pleasantly surprise their men with a rich inner world and ability to have a nice conversation on almost all the topics. Everybody knows that Russian women have traditional views on the family and division of roles in it, most men like such state of affairs. Russian girls are not afraid to face challenges and to adapt to new conditions and life style, the only thing they need is to have mutual love with a partner. One more thing is loyalty, men highly appreciate it.

So, if you are not going to change your mind and, on the contrary, want to pick up a Russian girl even more than ever, there are few tips on how to do that better.

In fact, there are no universal secrets here, the main thing is to understand a few rules about how you should, and how you should not talk to girls to draw their attention.

impress a Russian girlfriend Be yourself

The first rule is trite, but it works. Do not try to be Ryan Gosling, if you are not like him by nature in any sense. Do not try to be a hero, be a good sincere guy instead. This will help avoid unpleasant conversations in the future and fall in love with your fake copy. Don’t start talking from behind.

Either guerrillas or strange people go from the rear. Since you're not going to learn the art of sabotage, do not scare the lady with making a sudden, spectacular entrance. Come in, so to say from the front, with a firm and confident walk. Give a girl the opportunity to evaluate you and understand that you are a normal guy and not a strange man.

Be gallant as a gentleman

Observe the rules of decency, remember what smart books teach you, "Be gallant, polite and well-mannered, and then you will increase your chances of success." So, if the girl is completely involved in the conversation with another person, then do not interrupt her. She can have a very important and serious talk. In the end, you have enough time to make some efforts, so there's nowhere to hurry. When you come close to her, be sure to say hi with a smile. It's so easy to say, "hi." This short phrase will help find the way to pick up Russian girls.

Ask her name

You should act quickly and even a little discouragingly. Ask her name then introduce yourself. The contact is already getting better! Girls like when men talk to them by name, it gives them a chance to feel "one and only" at least a little. If you think about a Russian girl pick up, practice to pronounce Russian names in advance to make no mistakes latter.

Do not be constrained

When you start talking, you will feel some confidence in the soul. The finish is still far away, but half the way is already passed. The main thing is to relax and enjoy the process. If you want to pick up Russian girls then laugh, smile, be little persistent, talk, and do not be constrained, nervously using your hands.

Talk about her

Talk to her about the same things that you talk about with any other people for the first time. Watch what the occasion requires. If the meeting takes place in the gym, then ask how long she goes there, and what she will advise you. There is a hint on how to find a Russian girlfriend. The main thing is to not be afraid to seem stupid. Your task is to interest her, cheer her up and help open. Do not forget about the jokes, women like men with good sense of humor.

Ask her on a date

This may seem strange, but do not postpone the invitation to a date. Ask her to go somewhere at the peak of your communication, and not at the end of the conversation when joy and sympathy slowly go down. Such a proposal will automatically lead to the exchange of contacts so that you can discuss later the details of the date more specifically. You can continue the conversation on any topic. Do not wait 48 hours to call her, do not try to seem unobtrusive. Try not to postpone the date if it is possible. It is clear that you have work and other personal affairs, but ideally, you should ask her out the same evening when you’ve met.

Impressing a Russian girlfriend: 7 great ideas

"The knights died out," women complain here and there, mourning the irretrievably distant past. Russian girls are very romantic creatures and if you think about possible ways of impressing a Russian girlfriend, you should show her that the knights did not die out, but they just evolved. They do not dress, do not work, and do not speak like they did 500 years ago. Today, in the age of high technology and the accelerated pace of life, chivalry manifests itself in other deeds. At first glance, it may seem trivial, but the little things build up a compelling picture and show the intentions of a man. There are things, fulfilling which you can impress a Russian girl and look like a knight in her eyes. And most importantly, it will require small efforts.

Choose a dish for her in the restaurant

It happens often during a date: the result and continuation of the date depend on what a woman eats. It is not always appropriate to order for your date, but sometimes the situation does require it from you. For example, if you go to an exotic restaurant with a kitchen of which only you are familiar. Take matters into your own hands! Another example is if you go on a date not the first time and you know about her preferences. Nevertheless, be ready to warn a waiter that you can change your order if you have made the wrong choice.

Get up when she leaves the table or sits down

It's a very old-fashioned form of politeness, but it can help you impress a Russian girlfriend on a date. You do not have to get up just because a woman approaches the table or gets up from it. If you are in a restaurant and she needs to go to the toilet, you should not draw attention to that. It's appropriate to get up when you need to greet a lady or say goodbye to her. If you get up for that, you will show that she is important to you, no matter what.

Hold the umbrella over her

In fact, this is much impressing than it sounds because most umbrellas are not intended for use by two people. This is just the case when you can turn from a knight into a guy who can be invited into the house (you're completely wet). Hug her and make sure that the umbrella closes her well. It's just rain and you do not melt. You can fix your hair for 30 seconds and she does not.

I want a Russian girlfriend Offer her your jacket

Girls never dress for the weather. For example, you go to the bar in October, you look at the weather forecast and put on your jacket. And she dresses in a sweatshirt without sleeves. She wants to look good for you. Offer her your jacket. Do not ask about anything, just say, "You're cold, take my jacket." What is the chivalry? Well, now you're cold.

Make her an unexpected gift

If you think about possible options of impressing a Russian girlfriend, the ideal solution will be the delivery of flowers to her home or office, while you are, for example, at work or a business trip. This may be even more pleasant for her than if you give this bunch of flowers personally because she will know that you think of her even when you are not around. The same applies to the situations when you are going on a date. You can change the conventional pattern to give flowers on a date and send them by courier in the morning. Doing that you will cheer her up in advance and increase your chances to pick up her.

Engage in joint creativity

Creativity is always a very intimate process in which you invest inevitably a part of yourself, creating something new and unique. It does not matter what to do: a brilliant musical work or drawings on the fence, all this is your outlet to some extent, a kind of self-portrait. Therefore, when you are engaged in joint creativity with your girlfriend, you mix your inner worlds in a single masterpiece that will necessarily connect you on a more subtle psychological level. Try to take her to the studio of pottery and make there, for example, an ordinary pot: it doesn’t matter how beautiful or ugly it may be, this thing will surely become symbolic for you, and you will get a lot of emotions from the process. She will hardly expect such an offer, so it’s perfect chance to impress her.

Invite her to take a walk by the river

The formula of romance is very simple: take a Russian girl, choose a place with a beautiful view, add some delicious food and a good drink to that, and you get the rainbow date that will not leave the girl indifferent. Russian women fall for all kinds of romantic and good manners, use that to the fullest.

An excellent foundation for the future happy relationship is any bright event that connects both of you and remains deeply rooted in the memory. The more such events in your relationship you have, the higher you increase your chances of success. A Russian girl is amazing in all respects, just try to win her heart and you will not be disappointed.

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