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Can you imagine your life without the Internet at this point? We are all so deeply invested into what is happening online, and almost all the aspects of our daily lives are deeply intertwined with the worldwide web, that, I believe, one cannot just take away this gift of the Internet from people, there will be riots and wars across the world. But let’s not think about such dire scenarios, let’s talk about something more interesting and relevant. So many men face lots of different issues when it comes to texting women online, and today we will do our best to help you out in your dating journey. To start with, let’s look into some pros of online communication and the reasons why it is easy to establish a conversation there.

how to start a conversation on facebook

Why Do We Need to Start a Conversation Online?

Let’s look into some pros of online communication and the reasons why you should use it as your main tool for meeting single girls online.

No face-to-face communication

I don’t know about you, but I’ve personally found the aspect of face-to-face communication to be a very taxing one. You have to be in direct contact with a woman, try to act as if you are self-confident and that you are not worried about anything. But, it is almost impossible to hide away the reality of things, your palms are sweating, your knees are shaking, and you just can’t seem to establish an eye-to-eye contact with a woman, which makes you look awkward.


To have a date with a woman, you have to get dressed, leave your place, drive to your destination, and try to act like you are not shaking and anxious. But when it comes to online communication, all of these things won’t bother you, you can just start communicating with a girl by using a hot women dating site and not bother with all of the problems of IRL communication.

It’s cheaper

Well, this one is probably quite intuitive. Sure, you can spend a date by just hanging out in a park or doing something interesting that won’t involve spending money from your pocket. But this is not always an option, to spend a date just walking in a park means that you have to have an exciting personality so as not to bore the life out of your female companion. You don’t have to pay for most online dating services.

good texts start conversation girlGreater opportunities

Just think about it, not only that you are dating from the comfort of your home or work, but you also have a lot more opportunities when it comes to potential partners that you can come across of. In real life dating, the most convenient way of meeting other people when it comes to time management, is speed dating, but even then, I don’t know about your city, but such events are quite rare where I live. Also, it is quite stressful to attend such events, there is just something sad about them, so many lonely people in one place.

Now that we know the pros of online communication, let’s focus on online dating. What are some good texts starters for a conversation with a girl? What are some easy ways to start a conversation with a girl?

What Topics Are the Best to Start a Communication Online

On the Internet, it is easier to find the best topics for a conversation with a girl, as you can just view her profile and analyze the things you will come across. In real life, because of shyness, problems may arise associated with the selection of the right topic for conversation. Thus, let’s talk about the best topics for communication with a woman online.

1. Common interests and hobbies

How to start a conversation with a girl on Facebook? The best way for communicating with a girl on the Internet or in real life is to get to know the girl first, find out what you have in common and communicate on these topics. For example, if a girl, like you, is fond of reading books or playing sports, then talk about this topic. This way, communication will be interesting for both of you.

If you have already met, but there is simply no topic for communicating with a girl, then you are not destined to be together, and there is no reason to worry about choosing a topic since neither you nor she will feel any pleasure and joy from such communication. Try to carefully study the girl and get to know her so as not to miss a lot in common, as maybe a girl suits you, but you have not studied each other enough.

2. Pets

What kind of conversation girl like? The best topics for communicating with a girl may be related to pets, which girls often like. Even if you do not have pets, then still, you can talk about pets to at least get her interested. If a Facebook girl doesn’t really like animals and doesn’t want to say anything about them, then she, most likely, like you, has no pets and it’s better to change the subject.

3. Talk about love and romance

How to start a conversation on Facebook? To get a pretty Facebook girl interested, you should be romantic. As you know, all girls like talk about love and romance, so if you pick up topics for communication with a girl related specifically to love and romance, you can get her quite interested. If you have the gift of being romantic, then it will be quite easy for you to communicate with women. If you are not a romantic, you should become one.

4. Talk about the things you like

How to start a conversation with a girl on Facebook? To not worry about the best topics for communicating with a girl, just start talking about what you like and if a girl is interested in it, then it will be good for you, if not, find another girl. You do not need to constantly adapt to the girl, as nothing can come out of such a relationship.

Start a Conversation with a Girl on Facebook: a Comprehensive Guide

Now that you know a thing or two about online dating communication, how about a comprehensive guide on how to start a conversation with a girl on Facebook? So, let’s look into some important tips on how to become better in online communication with women.

Recognize the value of words

First, realize that Internet communication is not just about empty chatter. Women are very fond of giving messages a certain meaning, embellishing them, reading them with intonation. To impress a girl, you need to convey your emotions through text messages. Women will understand this. If your message is filled with a gamut of feelings, and you have done your best to convey your emotions, then this will catch the girl’s attention. Anyway, she can feel your indifference from the first message. It is important that the words should come from the heart.

what kind of conversation girl likeDo not use template phrases

How to start up a text conversation with a girl online? Forget about the habit of texting by template messages like, “Hello, darling, how are you?” With such an opener, a man will not stand out from the rest of the guys.

Turn on the fantasy, consider her profile, subscriptions, interests. Analyze everything that you have seen on her page and only then text her. The main thing here is to notice some character trait or her interest and then capitalize on it. When a stranger notices your interests and appreciates them - it is always nice. Do you see that she has attended the concert? Ask her how it went. Are you interested in the same genre of music? Tell her that you want to attend a concert of a band that you both seem to enjoy. In the world of social networks, a lot of information can be fished out of a person’s profile. Even in the most unremarkable profile, you can find something to grab onto.

The main thing is feelings

Do not be afraid of what you are experiencing. Show her that you are also a person and not some kind of robotic scam artist without feelings. You won’t look stupid if you don't describe what you felt when you saw her online. Eliminate your male ego and talk about your emotions. You are just a simple guy who has fallen in love with a woman. Even if you are going to admit to her that you are worried before your first date and feel like a boy, there’s nothing wrong with that. She will, on the contrary, appreciate it. In your words, you have shown the importance of the event, which is associated with meeting her, and therefore, it is important to you. It will be great if the guy asks the girl about her feelings, about what she experienced during your first meeting. You provoked a woman to talk about them, which means that the dialogue can continue. You are well done!

Some rules about questions

There is a period in Internet communication when interlocutors bombard each other with questions in the hope of finding out some information about a person. At this stage, the main thing to know is the literacy of your questions. The emotional richness of the dialogue depends on it, and hence its further development. There are two types of question: open and closed. A closed question is when you can only answer it with yes or no. This type is very toxic to the dialogue and makes it quite dry. When a person you like can only answer with yes or no, no meaningful conversation will come of it. All interest will get lost.

Male topics should be avoided

Do not talk about topics in which only you understand something. Do not even try to tell the girl about all the advantages of the Ford Shelby GT’s new engine. She will immediately begin to feel awkward, as she will not be able to tell you anything about cars. The same applies to football, hockey, and other sports. The fact that this or that team won, probably, won’t come in handy to a girl. The exception to this rule is the scenario in which you’ve met each other on some thematic page for fans of a certain sport or a band.

As you can see, online dating is a convenient way of dating women, and Facebook is a great platform to do so. There are many advantages to online dating, and today you’ve learned quite a few new things about it, we hope that this article will help you in your dating experience.

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