Is Texting Another Woman Cheating? Let's Figure It Out

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What is reprehensible in flirting? Some people cannot help but flirt with everyone around them indiscriminately since they are cheerful, easy-going, and they don’t want to look bored. But at the same time, they are not going to cheat on their lovers. On the other hand, usually, a partner is very skeptical of such an explanation, and there is also a vital truth behind it: sometimes an innocent flirtation begins to threaten relationships. Today we will talk about flirting and texting. We will answer the question, "Is texting another woman cheating?"

is texting another woman cheating

What Is Cheating in the Modern Era?

The standards of what is considered cheating are different today.

Back in the day, the term “cheating” mainly referred to a person who is having sex with someone outside their current relationship.

But now, as there are a lot more ways in which people can interact with each other, there are more ways to cheat on a partner. People are now more aware of the concept of cheating and find different forms of it. 

The most common types of cheating are physical infidelity, which includes having physical contact with another person, like having sex, kissing, or caressing. There is also emotional infidelity, opportunistic infidelity, romantic infidelity, commemorative infidelity, etc.

Why Do People Cheat?

So, why do people cheat?


The first reason as to why people cheat is their dissatisfaction with their current partner. Whether it is dissatisfaction with their intimate relationships, the emotional part of their relationship, or anything else, they are dissatisfied with something about their partner, they are looking for someone who does well in that particular regard.

Also, jealousy can be one of the reasons for dissatisfaction. Let’s say a man is at home, waiting for his wife when she doesn’t text back – he feels like he’s being cheated on, and this ends up messing with his head, the next time he sees her – there will be disagreement, and if he is very irrational about it, there is no ground for such behavior – his girlfriend will be very annoyed with him. 

But if you are dissatisfied with your partner, and you feel like your relationships just aren’t the same as they used to be, then you have to talk to them, if nothing comes out of it – move on. If you don’t know where to meet women, you should do some research to see just how many dating sites there are on the Internet.


Routine kills the romantic relationships, it is what drives people crazy, it is boredom, and when you are bored, when your partner is no longer exciting to you, then you no longer feel comfortable, you feel like you are wasting your time, and you no longer feel anything new.

Thirst for new sensations

And this is when this desire for new feelings comes in, you are bored with your life, you are bored with your partner, with your work and your routine, and this is when you succumb to the desire for new feelings, to feel something exciting, that passion of a finding a new partner, starting a new relationship.

But here’s a question, is texting another woman considered cheating? Is texting another woman while married is cheating?

So, is texting cheating? 

Is texting cheating? Texting is cheating if it implies close ties with a new person that is outside of your texting another woman considered cheating

Why texting is cheating? If your texting routine with a person involves anything of the romantic spectrum, if you feel like you can end up having a relationship or sex with a person and your communication supports these desires within you, then you are cheating on your partner.

You can lie to yourself and think like this isn’t cheating, but you will end up failing. It starts small and innocent, and then, all of a sudden, you end up finding yourself in a passionate kiss with someone else.

Main Signs That Texting Can Be Considered As Cheating

Now when we know the answer to the question, "Is texting another girl cheating?" let’s talk about the main signs when is texting cheating. How to determine the line, passing which, we go beyond mere frivolous communication and betray our beloved? We have compiled a list of six warning signs indicating that you are about to cross this line. Before it's too late - stop and think about what you are really looking for in this conversation!

1. When flirting becomes secret

Is flirty texting cheating? You communicated in a cheerful manner and flirted just to maintain your own good mood, but at some point, something happened, and you started deleting messages from the phone for no reason. Most likely, your own instinct has already told you the main thing: your lover will be upset if they find out about it. To test yourself, you can put yourself in their place and imagine them just as innocently flirting with any colleague. If at this thought you feel like you have sucked in the stomach, it's time to stop.

2. When sexual overtones appear in texting

When is texting another woman is cheating? When there are romantic undertones to such communication. And again, your instinct is the most reliable indicator. If you suddenly felt that your “innocent” communication excites you too much, responding to your sexual fantasies (for which you may judge yourself, but the fact of their presence remains a fact), this is an open sexual game on the side, which means treason.

3. When texting takes too much time

Is texting someone everyday cheating? Yes, when it takes too much time. Not only the quality of communication - that is, what you chat about and how, but its quantity that matters. It’s one thing to exchange a couple of playful jokes with a colleague at the beginning of the day and easily get distracted by work, and it’s quite another thing to follow their tail all day, even in the subway anticipating how much fun you will have together. An even bigger whirlpool is the online correspondence: some people admit that they enjoy chatting with great pleasure at night when a loved one has been sleeping for a long time, and in total, they spend a lot of time doing such a “non-binding” activity. The more time you spend on such communication, the more emotional connections you have “on the side,” and the deeper they are.

4. When it comes to self-justification

“Nothing of the sort, they are just a friend” - these are the words that no one ever says to themselves when it comes to truly innocent communication. If you needed to make excuses for yourself, it means that something weighs on your conscience, in other words, you understood and felt that you had crossed some important line. For ordinary friendship, if it is really “simple,” a person never makes excuses either to others or to themselves.

5. When this communication meets your deep inner needs

It also happens that flirting on the side is actually much more than just flirting. It becomes a significant part of life, receives a huge amount of emotional "investment": in this outwardly frivolous communication, you actually invest a lot of effort, expect a lot from it, it fills some empty area of ​​your life, gives you a huge return, during such seemingly fleeting chatter, you feel completely free and can trust the person with whom you are flirting, thoughts and experiences that do not share with your partner. This is the most dangerous case: in fact, betrayal has already taken place, even if there were no sexual creeps at all. Ask yourself, how did you come to this? What kind of crisis is happening in your main relationship? Why did your trust and warmth disappear from them? Why did you start looking for it even in such an unreliable area as random flirting with an outsider?

6. When you discuss your relationship or your partner

Is texting someone else considered cheating? Innocent flirting is wonderful when it is abstract and does not concern any specific life realities. Discussing your relationship and the identity of your partner is simply disrespectful, especially in an ironic or mocking manner, or you talk about things that the partner would prefer to hide, or even embellish. Imagine that your loved one would hear the whole conversation: would you repeat all this? If a deep resentment pushed you to this, it is worth discussing it directly with the offender, and not with a random person.

How to Hide Communication With Another Girl

Let’s find out how to hide your communication from your girlfriend.

Lock your phone

The best way to access your phone is to pick it up. Button phones are most often unlocked by a standard command that is intuitive. Nevertheless, in the settings of most of these phones, it is possible to set your own password. Well, at least some protection. With smartphones, everything is much more interesting. For protection, you must use a lock: password, pattern, fingerprint (Touch ID) or even FaceID, the so-called “facial recognition system,” available, for example, on the flagship iPhone models. At the same time, do not forget that the password is easy to peek and remember, it makes sense to change it periodically. There is still a small "trick" that is worth considering. In the security settings of the smartphone, you can set several identifiers, for example, fingerprints of different fingers. But for this, you first need to enter a password. Knowing this password, someone else can write their identifiers into the phone’s memory (for example, a fingerprint). And then have access to the phone, even if you change the password. Therefore, do not neglect the regular change of password. And sometimes, it’s worth going into the security settings and checking to see if something unexpected has appeared there.texting another woman while married is cheating

Two-factor authentication

Let’s talk about apps. For correspondence, we most often use instant messengers and email apps. Messengers, social networks, email clients are all applications. This means that all-important applications need to be configured with secure access. Here two-factor authentication comes to the rescue. A SIM card is quite easy to get from a smartphone. So, the standard protective mechanism of a message with a password to enter the messenger will not be enough. Therefore, all important applications need additional password protection. This is called two-factor authentication. Someone took your sim card, installed it on another device, received a password for identification. And they ask them for another password! And getting inside the application is no longer easy. Yes, and just having taken possession of your smartphone and clicking on the application, you won’t be able to get inside it. And you understand that passwords must be different, and it’s certainly not the date of your wedding or your wife’s birthday.

Secret chats and auto-deletion of messages

If any correspondence, in your opinion, may compromise you in any way, it is better to delete it right away. But what to do if such situations happen often, and memory, sometimes, fails you? Use secret chats with the auto-delete feature for these conversations. Such a function exists, for example, in Telegram and Facebook Messenger. Not only these chats are additionally encrypted, but there is also still the opportunity to set up a self-deletion timer for a message after a certain time after reading by the addressee. That is, you wrote a message to your “secret” addressee, she read it, and after about fifteen minutes, the message disappeared without a trace from you and the other person. This is very comfortable.

One application but multiple devices

Maybe someone will consider this a common truth, but still, it will be useful to remember this: if you use the same application with the same account from different devices (for example, you use Facebook and FB Messenger from a personal smartphone, and from PC), this greatly reduces your control over the situation. Select the application for confidential correspondence, install it only in your smartphone or tablet, which you always carry with you, and do not use these accounts on other devices. Yes, it’s not that convenient, but it can harm your privacy.

So, now we know whether texting is cheating, we know where the line between casual communication and cheating is drawn, and what we consider cheating in modern society. If you plan to cheat on your partner, which you shouldn’t do, you must accept the consequences that may come in the end, the pain that they will feel, the break up that can end up happening, the ruins in the heart of a person you can end up leaving behind.

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