How to Date a Bisexual Woman: Tips and Advice

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Found out that the girl you’re dating has a bit wider views on genders and relationship than you thought? We have a couple of tips that will help you deal with this situation.

Luckily for those whose loved ones are into both sexes, or a guy looking for a bi girl, our society treats ladies with non-traditional views much friendlier than it used to. In fact, its attitude is way better than the opposite way around. For some reason, bisexual women seem somewhat mysterious or even exotic to us, while guys with the same preferences are often treated with suspicion. But despite this, there are still tons of things one should take into account when building a relationship with a bi girl to avoid awkward situations and misunderstandings. So, here’s how to date a bisexual lady.

bisexual women

A man dating a bisexual woman: what's it like?

If you’re expecting some dramatic differences between this type of relationship and a traditional one, we’ll have to disappoint you. But to make sure that your new, exciting experience won’t turn into a mistake you’ll regret, you probably need to be aware of these facts.

You can completely rely on your bi girlfriend when it comes to trust

Bisexual girls are as faithful as any other woman. But this also means that they have the same attitude towards men’s ideas of having an open relationship or any other kinky suggestions. So no major differences here.

No one should use bisexuality as an excuse to cheat, and if you’re too worried about your girlfriend going crazy with someone else, you should deal with your thoughts first and understand why it’s so hard for you to trust her. But if she actually uses her bisexuality in this way, then she’s just playing with you, and it’s time for you to part ways.

You’ll have to get used to her funny stories about her ex-girlfriends

This is probably one of the weirdest things you’ll face when dating a bisexual woman. The thing is that a straight girl can share with you a cringey story about her messing up with her girlfriend’s bra hooks. Stories like this will make you feel like you’re having a chat with your old pal but not your romantic partner.

And there’s one more thing you’ll have to get used to – her lecherous comments about some of your friends, TV characters, girls from her job, and so on. You’ll just have to go along with it (at least until she totally loses control over herself). You don’t need to bother her with jealousy.

Bi girls don’t like being asked about their sexuality too often

There’s one last thing you should know about dating someone who is bisexual: bothering her with questions about her sexuality all the time, asking for some hot details of her previous sexual experience with girls or doing something else to make her flaunt her sexual preferences may start pissing her off one day. You should keep your interest to yourself and just let your girlfriend enjoy your relationship.

She can still be bisexual even if she hasn't tried it yet

This may come as a surprise, but you don’t need to sleep with a person of your sex to become bisexual. And a lot of people with such views have actually never have sex with the same gender. Usually, there’s something serious that’s stopping them from doing this, like a long-term relationship or simple shyness. Or they haven’t had the opportunity to do this yet. So if your girlfriend says she’s bisexual, she most likely is. She knows herself better than you, anyways.

Don’t expect your partner to be kinky

Typically, when it comes to bisexual woman dating, most guys assume that these girls are kinky just because they are bold enough to admit that they like both sexes. But we can’t speak for all bi ladies out there. Your partner may have nothing against trying a couple of new tricks in bed.

bisexual datingHaving a bisexual girlfriend doesn’t mean having threesomes

No matter how wide your companion’s views on sexual relationships are, she may not be emotionally ready to do this with more than one partner just to fulfill your desires. Maybe, she fantasizes about having another woman in your bed, but the thought of you caressing and penetrating another partner may be too disturbing for her. You’ll just have to accept that your girlfriend isn’t that kind of a sexual partner.

So, now that you know what to expect, would you date a bisexual woman?

Bisexual dating tips

Now that you know how it feels like to date a bi girl, here’s what you can do to make your relationship work.

Major tips

Keep her secret to yourself. Sure, it may be super exciting to find out that your girlfriend is bisexual. Your head is probably full of questions and fantasies, and you’d like to share it with one of your friends or loved ones. Conversely, such news can make you really worried and concerned, making you want talk to someone even more. But it’s arguably the worst thing you can do when dating a bisexual woman.

If she doesn’t want everyone to find out about her sexual preferences, then you can’t discuss it even with the closest people, and she won’t be happy to find out that you told someone her secret. Having Besides, you never know how your buddies will react. They may start making fun of your girlfriend’s sexuality, and this can ruin your relationship.

Trust her. There’s a huge difference between bisexual and lesbian girls. Your girlfriend didn’t just decide to stick with you until she finds someone better and more attractive. Sure, she’s into both guys and girls, but it was you, who conquered her, and you’re the one she wants to be with. Have more faith in your girlfriend and never worry about her loyalty too much.

Tell her that you’re OK with her sexuality. If you want to avoid any possible issues related to bisexual women dating, the best thing to do it is to have a long and sincere chat about your girlfriend’s sexuality. Make sure that she knows that you understand that she’s not like the majority of girls out there, and you’re absolutely OK with that. Tell her that if she wants to discuss anything else regarding the issue, you’re always ready to do it.

A few practical tips

How to tell if your girlfriend is bisexual. Women typically perceive other women as rivals, criticizing them and pointing to their shortcomings. But if your girlfriend often comments on slender legs and hot butts of other chicks, then this can be an interesting symptom. Sometimes a girl herself can go clear about her preferences, especially if you ask about them while resting after awesome sex or watching soft lesbian porn. It’s difficult for girls not to blab it out in such a situation. And if she ends up angry after you ask, you can just make a joke out of the question.

If you’re not close enough to ask her directly, you can ask something like this: Which Hollywood actress is your favorite? Have you ever thought about a relationship with a girl?

What to do if it turns out that she’s really bisexual

Well, the first and the most obvious question you should ask yourself, in this case, is “should I date a bisexual woman?” When dating a girl who’s playing in both leagues, be ready for her leading two different lives. You'll never be her ‘only’, she still may have someone else on the side. If she doesn’t, this person may appear in the nearest future. And your jealousy will only make her mad because she’s bisexual. For her, everything is perfectly normal: one part of her is dating you, and the other’s dating a girl.

Be ready for the fact that she’ll not only keep you away from her girlfriend but will also be jealous of other girls. She has the right to date other girls, but you must belong to her entirely. Moreover, your girlfriend's girlfriend may not be happy having you as her opponent. Most likely, she won’t give a thing about you, but she may also try to spoil your relationship.

How to compete with your female opponent

If you want to know how to date a bisexual woman, you need to learn how to bring her pleasure. Know why some girls prefer sex with other girls? Because women always try to deliver each other a much brighter orgasm than men do. Guys often believe that the only thing you need for awesome sex is a penis (after all, even lesbians use toys), but this is another myth that comes from adult films. Porn and sex have different goals. In sex, the main goal is orgasm for you and her, while in the movie, the goal is to bring a person watching it to orgasm. But sex isn’t about monotonous movements; it’s about emotions.

Sex with every woman is unique, so what worked with your ex-girlfriend, may not work with your current one. There’s no algorithm in how girls are turned on. It would be cool to have a set of instructions for giving them the best orgasm in their life if it existed. Look for the most sensitive places on her body: it can be fingers, toes, and even her eyebrows. Oh, and don’t lie to her: don’t say to a plump girl that she’s slim. Just admire her luxurious breasts.

Bisexual dating sites

With these bisexual dating sites and apps, you’ll find yourself a companion to your taste and desires.

bisexualsBi Cupid

This bisexual women dating site is the oldest on this list. It became a thing back in 2001, becoming one of the first dating websites to offer its services to people looking for a partner with non-standard sexual preferences. With the audience of almost one million singles, Bi Cupid is the largest dating site for bisexuals out there. You can join the site for free. There’s also a version of the site adapted for mobile devices.

Bisexual Passions

This one is the second most popular bi dating site on the web. It combines online dating with social networking and offers you a chance to find a bisexual partner for long-lasting relationships. You can create an account on Bisexual Passions for free, though free membership has certain limits. You can try out the site’s search engine, but if you want to get in contact with someone, you’ll have to upgrade your account.

City Bi

This website provides a safe and fun way to find a bisexual companion. City Bi isn’t solely focused on bisexual women dating. It welcomes people with various sexual preferences. The site has two types of membership: standard and Pro. Choosing the first variant, you can upload up to 27 pics, use a country filter to find that special someone, and “wink” at girls you like.


This dating app was created by LGBTQ women to cater for all your needs. You won’t find a better service for lesbians and bisexuals online. If there are bi girls looking for relationships near you, the app will show them to you. HER is more than a bisexual dating app. It’s a big community where bisexuals and lesbians can get fresh news and find new friends. One of the best advantages of HER is that it’s completely ad-free.


Everyone knows what OkCupid is. Its main advantage is that it’s free to join. When creating the account, you can choose your potential partner’s orientation. In case you’re interested in something more than a one night stand – this app is just for you. It doesn’t take longer than a couple of minutes to sign in. The app works with all major operating systems, so you shouldn’t have trouble running it on your device.

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